Creative Cumulus

Creative Cumulus – A Marketing Focussed Gold Club

Creative Cumulus has two aims:

Creative CumulusTo provide small & medium sized business with the fundamentals of sales & marketing To look at trends and best practices that will impact on business results.

And secondly to work collectively within the club to nurture a collaborative and supportive approach from which we can learn from each other to enhance personal and business growth.

Who are we?

We are a private members Gold Club aimed at providing SME’s with marketing insights and trends that will take their business to the next level. Creative Cumulus is a creatively minded club meeting monthly with specialist in the marketing field on hand to offer advice and knowledge on the latest marketing trends and strategies for any type of business.

What do we offer?

The Creative Cumulus club offers a clinic style approach to help businesses with any marketing queries or problems they need answers to. During each meeting a selected specialist will have 45 minutes to present a solution on a chosen topic. Following their interactive hour there will be 45 minutes to discuss the chosen topic, apply it to each other’s business and discuss past and future marketing fundamentals.

Where when and How?

The club meets every second Friday of the month at Bill’s Café Reading from 9:30am to 11:45am. We provide tea, coffee & light refreshments to keep us all alert and eager to learn and grow.


“Fantastic resource & support. The workshops are perfectly relevant & each one helps my business, helping my thinking, my focus, my understanding & my drive”. Louise Shaw, Portrait Dogs.

“I attended a Creative Workshop this morning, with probing questions they helped me (and the rest of us) to focus on what we really wanted from our business and how to achieve it. Great stuff and a great gold club’. Mark Wojicki, Studio Stanley

“What I like about the gold club is the set up and how people who attend regularly can help you we all become familiar with each others business. Also the way new people are welcome and the ’family’ group grows. Sam Penn-Simkins, Swipe

SCHEDULE FROM January 2018

13th April 2018 – Do you have the right Processes in place to effectively and smoothly run your business.

Watch out for more details on each month with special invitations for key guest to answer your questions on each topic. If we have not covered something you would like to learn more about then please contact us.