Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Networking Clubs and Gold Clubs?

Business Biscotti Networking Clubs are just that – a platform to build connections in an informal friendly environment.

Each Networking Club has a “bit” of structure around "STOP the Clock" for about 15-20 minutes per event - but not much. This is your opportunity to do a short "pitch" about your business. ( approximately 30 - 45 seconds depending on how many people attend)

We love visitors.

Non members book their events through our web site and are issued with a pdf receipt. This is to be presented to the Ambassadors on arrival at the Business Biscotti event.

Everyone pays for their tea and coffee to the venue direct - (NB: receipts for tea and coffee are issued by the venues)

Gold Clubs are a little more structured... they are "safe" environments where members can discuss topics, ask for help, support one another and learn "stuff" that is relevant to business.

Each Club is different because we give the Ambassadors flexibility on how they run their Clubs.

However, they generally have a presentation, a meal (breakfast, lunch, supper), and time for interactivity between members/guests.

There is always networking, with other attendees.

Members & non members need to pre book online through our web site. Members receive a discount of about £5 - £10 depending on the Club. (pdf receipts automatically generated)

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