Gold Clubs Events

In Brief

Gold Clubs are more formal. They generally have a speaker, a meal (breakfast, lunch, supper). There is a cost to attend – members need to pre book but receive a discount of about £5 - £10 depending on the Club.

Each Gold Club is slightly different as we enable the Ambassadors to have a degree of flexibility over how they run their Gold Clubs. To find out more about each club, please visit the Gold Club profiles page.

Marlow Professionals (Marlow)

Poachers Gold Club (Alton)

How do I book a Gold Club?

As a MEMBER - simply login to find the event you want to visit and BOOK – your discount will automatically be applied and a receipt will be generated for you.

As a NON MEMBER – you can “try out” a GOLD CLUB by simply buying a ticket at the visitor rate.

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