How to open a Gold Club – in 3 SIMPLE steps

setting up club

I’ve got a great idea for a Gold Club but need help to make it a reality?

We make it easy.

We provide tools, templates, support and practical hands on advice making it painless, simple and professional to get your Gold Club up and running quickly.

Step 1

Recruit 2 (at least) other people who share your vision for your Gold Club.

Step 2

As a team (of Gold Club MEMBERS) decide on your objectives, focus and provide your Gold Club with a brand name*. (we provide guidance & notes to help you)
Find a suitable location to host your meetings
Complete the application form and license agreement* – email to Head Office
Your Business Biscotti Gold Club will be published on the web site, for you to promote, and for people to book

Step 3

Launch your Gold Club with a VISITORS’ meeting - This is an opportunity to share your Gold Club’s vision and explain the ethos of Business Biscotti Gold

“to take inspiration from one another and to establish a forum in which business people meet to learn, receive support, offer help, share ideas, collaborate professionally and enhance their personal and business growth”.

Recruit your Gold Club Members

Hold a maximum of 2 more open meetings, to attract your Business Biscotti Gold Club members.

These 3 simple steps will help get your Gold Club off the ground.

Note: * All Business Biscotti Gold Clubs agree to the terms of the simple license agreement. This enables your Gold Club to become a part of the trusted Business Biscotti Brand family.

We want your Gold Club to be successful if you would like more information on how to open your own Gold Club;
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.