Our Story

Business Biscotti exists for its members. We are a Private Membership Organisation for business people from all walks of business life. Large and Small. Charities and Academics, Corporations and New Start-ups.

At the very first event one of the founders baked some BISCOTTI biscuits – it was suggested “ let’s DO BUSINESS over a BISCOTTI” – and, as simply as that, the name was born.

We warmly welcome guests to all our Club Events - we do not have a lock out system.

Succeeding Together

Business Biscotti continues to bring business professionals together to build genuine business relationships that lead to real business opportunities.

We are a thriving business community. Business Biscotti is all about sharing success stories, encouraging collaboration, nurturing business growth, and most importantly DOING BUSINESS.

The business clubs are run by local business people (Ambassadors) FOR business people. They facilitate the events with a view to raising their business profile locally and building a sustainable business club & network of people to DO BUSINESS with . . .

Please support your Local Ambassadors by bringing in guests and joining their Clubs so that you can all GROW and benefit.

At Business Biscotti – WE REALLY DO BUSINESS.