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Health Boosting Indoor Plants

Unpredictable British weather and demanding jobs are just two reasons why we spend very little time outdoors. In a recent survey, it was identified that the average Brit spends 92% of their time indoors. As an interior designer, I am fully aware of the impact that our living and working environments can have on our psychological and physical health.

Urban migration, high rise living and long working hours have left us disconnected from the natural world. Moving house or changing careers may not be an option, but small changes can improve how you feel.

My interior designs incorporate features that not only look fabulous, but also actively promote health and well-being. By considering and applying Biophilic design principles to every Julius Interior Design project, I aim to reconnect people with nature.


Air Purification

In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide, plants capture particles that are in the air. These include pollutants from paints and furnishings, as well as dust, pollen and bacteria. Such pollutants can aggravate allergies and skin conditions, as well as causing irritation to the eyes, nose and throat. By purifying the air, plants help to boost our health.

Certain species of plants are renowned for their air purification properties; these include:

  • Indian Rubber Tree
  • Jade Plant
  • Madagascar Dragon Tree
  • Ivy
  • Boston Fur
  • Silver Queen
  • Peace Lily

Just hearing the names of these species is enough to make me want to incorporate them into my interior design schemes!

The Joy of Terrariums

Many people, including myself, haven’t had the greatest success with indoor plants. Over, or under, watering, too much or too little sunlight can soon result in a less than perfect result. In my quest for a long lasting planting solution, I’ve discovered the joy of terrariums!

Terrariums are small gardens in a jar. When the right materials, plants and process are used, a mini eco-system is created. The moisture and air are naturally maintained within the jar and this completely removes the need to water the plants. If they are kept out of direct sunlight, the terrarium plants can thrive without intervention.

All manner of glass vessels can be transformed into a terrarium. You could create a small decorative feature or a grand centrepiece display. If you would love the opportunity to find out more, I run regular Terrarium Workshops. Roll up your sleeves and fashion your own, low maintenance, garden in a jar.

Creating healthy spaces and applying biophilic principles is at the heart of Julius Interior Design services. If you want to enhance your wellbeing,or know of any contacts that mey benefit from my services please do contact me : info@juliusinteriors.com





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