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Wow!! An eye-raising experience for Sue!

Not even half way through Sue Meara’s facial and wow! We used Herbalife SKIN products on the right side of Sue’s face (on the left as we look at the photograph)) and had to take a photo before we matched up the other side!! Click here to see the difference!

Sue said she could see the right side looked pinker and her eye looked and felt ‘100 times bigger’! Perhaps in reality nearly 50% more open/wide!

Products used on the first side of the face:

Soothing Aloe Cleanser

Instant Reveal Berry Scrub

Energising Herbal Toner

Line Minimising Serum

Firming Eye Gel

Daily Glow Moisturiser

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If you are local why not call us to book a Fizz and Facial party for you and some friends or ask us for a free facial like Sue…

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on February 1 at 6:49

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