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A Vinyl Blast From The Past!

Vinyl was a popular material in the 'Swinging Sixties', particularly in the fashion industry. Mary Quant for example used vinyl in her mini skirts, high boots and shoulder bags. It was also used extensively in the construction industry for such applications as flooring and wall coverings!
It was used extensively because it's a low cost, waterproof, UV and abrasion resistant, strong, durable and easy to clean material. It was also available in a wide range of colours, textures and patterns.
In the 'Age of Psychedelia', it was also a popular covering on wooden boxes, wooden cases and other containers, because the intricate colour combinations and patterns available seemed to reflect the 'Hippie' culture at the time.
                                                  Zebra Skin Vinyl Covered Wood Record Cases
The popularity of vinyl however, soon waned as people began to favour more organic materials like wood. This preference for 'organic' extended into the food sector, which continues to this day!
Traditional finishes on wood boxes and wood cases include clear lacquers, to bring out the natural warmth and beauty of wood, natural wood and colour stains, as well as solid oil paints and water-based matt paints.
However, in a world obsessed by 'Nostalgia', decorative vinyl covered wood boxes and wood cases are making a strong comeback, providing an exciting alternative to traditional wood finishes.
This is particularly true in the music industry where traditional 45 rpm and long-playing vinyl records are now being supplied in 60's style, vinyl fabric covered record cases!
The techniques and skills required to apply decorative vinyl fabrics onto wooden boxes and wooden case are highly specialized. However, many vinyl fabrics are supplied with a self-adhesive backing, which is ideal for application on hard wooden surfaces.
It takes time and patience to provide the high quality finish that people today expect but the wait will be well worth it, as the results can be spectacular man!
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