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SIPSMITH - The first copper pot distillery in London in over 180 years


  • Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 6:30 PM - Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 8:30 PM (Europe/London)
  • The Lecture Club
  • 32-33 Abbotsbury Close, London W14 8EG (View Map)
  • Social
  • Liz Gee
  • A Lecture Club Special Event ** Tasting & Talk

    It all began in 2009, in a tiny workshop in Hammersmith, London. Two childhood friends, Fairfax and Sam, had an unwavering belief in things well made - the way they used to be, the way they should be. So they set up London’s first traditional copper distillery since 1820. Their mission was simple: to bring London Dry Gin of truly uncompromising quality and character, back to the city where it first earned its name. Every bottle of Sipsmith is hand-crafted in genuinely small batches. Every drop of every batch is lovingly laboured over by hand, by our dedicated Distillers. No regimented timings, no automatic cuts, just a craftsman’s flair and a passion for gin well made. Early Bird Tickets £12 on Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2Qem6lz or £15 on the door.


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