Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper - You, Your Business, Our Community (Alton)

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Poacher Turned Gamekeeper is an exclusive members club for business professionals, council members and community experts to gather for friendly informative discussions that bring advice, education and local environmental matters in the sole interest of the greater good for the Hampshire community.

We provide a relaxed and friendly environment for people from all walks of life - where you, your business and community can grow.

There will be guest speakers who will provide information and updates on whats happening in the local community and business generally.

It is an opportunity to share industry best practice, connect with people who matter, and stay abreast of market trends in a private business forum.

Who is it for?

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper is aimed at busy executives and professionals working in and around Alton who would like to meet monthly and have access to business briefings, local information and expert insights.
Typical subjects covered include:

Planning, Transport, Local Issues, The Local Reading Plan, Funding and Legal, Financial, Marketing and Digital/Social Media - all speakers are experts in their own discipline and chosen by the members.

Who should join us?

Business people with a strong sense of supporting and informing others. Those people with a good work ethic of adding benefit to the Club and fellow members.

What to expect?

Each meeting will follow a structured agenda with times set to keep on track.

It will be run in a relaxed and friendly manner to encourage interaction.

Everyone will get the chance to give a brief introduction to themselves known as “Who’s In the Room” thus keeping it very brief and memorable. The idea being to encourage people to remain afterwards and continue building those all important relationships that started by open networking.

The meeting will also encourage Feedback from individuals to keep the Club inspirational and worth attending.

Meeting information:

The meetings - to be confirmed

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper runs monthly on the first Tuesday of the month from 9.30am until 11.30am

Cost: £10.00 (members), £15 (non-members)

Our Club is run by Nadia Schicchi, Sheila Lemon and John Wooderson