What are Business Biscotti Gold Clubs?

what is gold

Business Biscotti Gold Clubs are part of the family of Business Biscotti Club events

Gold Clubs events are where ambitious business people – from all walks of business life – both large and small, private and public sector – can flourish and excel.

  • Business Biscotti Gold Clubs are about growth and development… aspiration and innovation.
  • We bring people together in clubs to foster collaboration, communication and discovery.
  • Each Gold Club is unique.
  • The Ambassadors & Members determine the focus, objectives, and direction of their Gold Club.

The overriding ethos is to take inspiration from one another, and to establish a forum in which business people meet to learn, receive support, offer help, collaborate professionally and enhance their personal and business growth.

Our Mission:

We shall strive to facilitate the engagement of professionals from commercial, non-commercial and government businesses and organisations so that they may communicate and collaborate to the greater good.

The size of the business in terms of turnover, staff numbers and physical presence is immaterial. What is important, vital even, is that members of Business Biscotti Gold are strictly interested in growth and development.

How does it work?

People join Business Biscotti as a member. Members belong to a HOME club this is the Club that they commit to support one another by attending regularly, encouraging visitors to attend and join and fostering an environment of trust, collaboration and growth.

  • Members can visit any Gold Club, AND any Business Biscotti Networking Group.
  • All Club events are PRE-BOOKED online, via the Business Biscotti web site.
  • Visitors must pre-book the relevant Gold Club event online to attend.

Why are Business Biscotti Gold Clubs fundamentally different?

Unlike other membership organisations that impose their meeting structure, rules and costs.

YOU – the members set the agenda.

This is what makes Business Biscotti Gold Clubs truly unique.

We provide frameworks, but we don't tell you how, when or where to run your meetings.

Business Biscotti Gold Clubs are open to all Business Biscotti Gold members whatever the position, size or type of organisation. The emphasis is on you as an individual.

The clubs provide opportunities for people in business to meet to share ideas, discuss industry trends, challenge one another, suggest new ways of working and showcase projects.